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 [CM app] Ahem

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PostSubject: [CM app] Ahem   Fri May 06, 2011 5:31 am

Name: My name is Aaron Olk.

Age: I am currently 13 years old.

Why should we choose you?: I think you should choose me because I have experience dealing with the community of GreekMS, due to my training of being a GM.

How will GreekMS benefit from you being a CM?: They will benefit me because I will help the community of GreekMS, and I will help anyone who needs assistance.

How will you handle things?: I will handle things like anyone else would, but with authority. For example, if someone says they saw someone hacking, they would report to me, instead of reporting to the forum / report thread, because it takes a longer time, and the hacker could've gotten away in the time allotted. (If I am not online, then you can report to the report thread.)

What if you saw a Community Manager Abusing his powers?: I would tell them to stop, and warn them they could be demoted. (After I say that, they usually stop) If they don't, then I will SS and then warn one last time. If they don't stop after that, then I will report them.
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[CM app] Ahem
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