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 Donator rules and packages

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PostSubject: Donator rules and packages   Sun Apr 17, 2011 10:59 am

If you want to donate contact me with PM

By donating you agree to:

1. Failure to follow these terms will most often result in a ban from the game if necessary. These terms may be subject to change with little or no warning at any given time.

2. You are in no way in any form to file a chargeback against us. The donations were used primarily to support the server and the website, not the use for its own self.

3. The use of donations will not be revealed to anyone. However, the primary use of donations will be to keep the server up and running. Other uses of donations may occur.

4. Donating does not protect you from being banned, jailed, temp-banned or any other type of punishment. Donating will not let you off the hook for any malicious activities you may perform while on the server.

5. Asking for a GM position continuously will result in a permanent ban. Donating does not give you a higher chance of becoming a GM.(except for Donor GM)

6. Failure to read these terms will result in a permanent ban if necessary. These are here for our protection as well as yours. It is also strongly advised that you read the terms of service also.

7. If the server happens to have a wipe, the administrator may allow donators to get their items back if possible.

Donation packages:

5$ = 1 item of choice, 5 scrolling, and 10k nx
10$ = 2 item of choice,10 scrolling on your item(gms can scroll and doesnt reduce slots), 25k nx
25$ = 3 items of choice,25 scrolling on your item, and 40k nx
30$ = 5 items of choice, 30 scrolling, 50k nx
40$ = 8 items of choice, 40 scrolling and 65k nx
50$ = 10 items of choice, 50 scrolling and 80k nx
150$= Donor GM(3 months)
250$= Donor GM(6 months)

Anyone donating 50$+ will get status Server Legend
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Donator rules and packages
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